Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.

Dude, I full on swayzied that mother!

Castiel Wings

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May I be added? I love your art and seeing what you draw next <3

Sure! I love fans of a sort! ^_^ *adds* Wecome!

May I Please be added?

Hi, I was basically wandering around aimlessly at LJ and happened to spot your avatar, icon thingy, whichever you prefer to call it and followed it to this journal. Even though I have not seen much, well, any of your drawings I can say that from what you simply have on your friends only post I can attest that it is awesome and I would love to see some more. So if it isn't too much trouble could I please view your journal?

Re: May I Please be added?

I always find journals that way. LOL

And sure, you're added! ^_^ I just hope that my drawings live up to what you expect them to be!

Re: May I Please be added?

*lol* I'm sure they will. Thanks ever so much for adding me ^^

Re: May I Please be added?

Your welcome! XD

Found you on HanaKimi and your art is awesome. :D Keep me on the list? ;p

Yes yes of course! I won't be gettig rid of people! So, you're good to stay!! ^_^

(Deleted comment)
HAHA! Yes yes! Thanks! *adds*

I love your banner. ♥ Uhm... may I add you? *_*;

LOL, sure sure. ^_^

I really like your art, so I guess I can watch it on DA and sorta here too huh? hee hee

OoOoO~! Can I be added? XD; I'd love to see your drawings. I always like looking at what independent artists come up with. <3

Hai hai! Always glad to have new friends! ^_^

I noticed you had one of my colorbars in your userinfo (the Chou ni Naru hi one) and...well...could you please credit me for it? Simply linking the bar back to me would work perfectly.

OMG! I am so SORRY! I knew I needed to credit something in my user info, but I never got around to it!

I am so sorry once again! I will credit you right away! Please forgive me!


Looking for a place a find new friends? Try addmelovely!

Looking for a place to advertise your community? Try comm_promo!

I found you because you were commenting in an entry I was as well.

I am...uh...a random internet chick?

I love TWILIGHT and NEW MOON. Do I need to say more?

YAY!!! A Twilight and New Moon fan!!!!! I accept your friendship!!

Hey there!
You posted something on the Ikemen Paradise community wondering where the translations were right? Looks liek that post got deleted too, what a shame. :(

The good news is that I have episode 8 up at my own LJ if you're interested. I can't post the link up on the Ikemen Paradise community because of my banning, but feel free to tell your Hana Kimi loving friends about this new link where I will continue to post summaries every week. If you still are able to post, feel free to post the link at the Ikemen community on my behalf. The more the merrier.

Thanks for your support

Yeah, I'm not too sure why it got confuses me. Is there a reason why the posts that have to do with summaries or...something get deleted? I don't get it. Oh well.

And thanks so much! I will tell all my buddies who watch the show about your summaries! I will try to post on your behalf when I can.

Thank you again though. ^_^

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Would you add me as a friend please?
Love Supernatural

of course!!


wow. that was pretty awesome. they just keep getting better and better!

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Very nice, gives me a lot of inspiration being right in the midst of a redesign. It’s all in the details and comment forms are definitely overlooked more often than not. Time well spent on this post.

painter 11

Thank you! Fabulous resource – now I don’t have to keep searching :)

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